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Global Forest Watch: A Look at Land Use in Liberia

Global Forest Watch is a dynamic and versatile tool created by the World Resources Institute (WRI)  for monitoring forests and the many land uses that impact them. The data is open, crowd sourced, obtained from advanced satellite technology, and displayed … Continue reading

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Mapping Resource Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

Secure land tenure and resource rights is often cited as an important foundation for long-term sustainable land management, and can provide the incentive needed to maintain multiple ecosystem and livelihood benefits on the land. In order to get a better … Continue reading

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One Watershed at a Time: Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin

As we saw on Monday, the measuring, valuing, and mapping of ecosystem services has progressed in recent years, and new tools are emerging that can help decision makers account for the benefits landscapes provide and target areas that are most … Continue reading

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Saving the Trees for the Forest: Towards Landscape Restoration

Trees do it all – from slowing climate change and improving water quality to producing food and enhancing human health. Unfortunately, the number of trees available to perform these services has dramatically decreased over the last several centuries, as twenty … Continue reading

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Farmer Innovation: Improving Africa’s Food Security through Land and Water Management

Moving from the wet, rice-producing regions of Madagascar to the dry sub-Saharan African mainland, today’s post discusses a range of options available to tackle land degradation and maintain long-term soil fertility. World Resources Institute’s annual World Resources Report is focused this year … Continue reading

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Regreening Climate Change Resilience: The Case of Burkina Faso

“If you want to know how to grow crops in the face of climate change, drought, and land degradation, ask Ousséni Kindo, Ousséni Zoromé, or Yacouba Sawadogo—three farmers in Burkina Faso’s Yatenga region.” These words began an article yesterday by … Continue reading

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A World Population Balancing Act: Food, Agriculture, and Environment

Nearly two years ago, the world hit a milestone of 7 billion people, and the projections for 2050 continue to suggest an addition of 2-3 billion people. Underlying the concerns over natural resource scarcity and ecosystem health often rests the … Continue reading

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“Re-Greening” Landscapes for Food Security

Last week, Chris Reij, Sustainable Land Management Specialist and Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute (WRI), discussed the contribution of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration to both addressing concerns related to climate change and food security. Set in the context … Continue reading

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More Than Just the Trees: Lessons for Sustaining Global Forests

By Ruth Nogueron, People & Ecosystems Program at WRI (a Landscapes Initiative Co-Organizer), originally posted on the World Resources Institute Insights Blog. Today is the first annual International Day of Forests, celebrating and raising awareness of the importance of all types … Continue reading

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Does Asia Pulp & Paper’s Promise Signal a New Business Environment?

On Monday, the Landscapes Blog highlighted one market innovation, payment for ecosystem services, that when employed at a landscape scale can yield significant benefits to people, food, and nature, particularly in the case of small-scale farmers. But what about the … Continue reading

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