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Integrated Waterscape Management in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

Southeast Asia probably isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to coffee production, but trade liberalization has made Vietnam the world’s second largest exporter of our favorite morning pick-me-up. Along with pepper and (increasingly) cocoa, this commodity is … Continue reading

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Traveling to Integrated Landscapes in Kenya

By Louis Wertz, EcoAgriculture Partners A total traffic jam, par for the course at rush hour in Nairobi, has finally slowed the momentum of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature in Africa conference field trip. I write this while … Continue reading

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Assessing Sustainable Palm Oil Production With The Help of Dung Beetles

By Claudia Gray, Post-doctoral research fellow in ecology and conservation, University of Sussex, UK Every time you go to the supermarket, you are likely to buy something containing palm oil. In the UK and the US, 10 – 50% of … Continue reading

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A Shimmering Example of Watershed Management on World Water Day

Productive agricultural landscapes, healthy communities and resilient livelihoods are all dependent on the sound management of freshwater resources. 2014 World Water Day gives us the opportunity to recall that integrated watershed management is an important factor in realizing sustainable ecological … Continue reading

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Victoria to Chilwa: Integrated Development Successes at the Lake Basin Scale

By Jes Walton and Krista Heiner On February 10, 2014, the Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program hosted an event on Integrated Development in Two African Lake Basins. Panelists reported on programmatic and project-level successes, showing the benefits of … Continue reading

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One Watershed at a Time: Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin

As we saw on Monday, the measuring, valuing, and mapping of ecosystem services has progressed in recent years, and new tools are emerging that can help decision makers account for the benefits landscapes provide and target areas that are most … Continue reading

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The Next Century for Agriculture: Advancing New Land Management Strategies

By EcoAgriculture Partners and Solutions from the Land What will be the defining features of agriculture over the next century? This year, the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue honed in on biotechnology, sustainability, and climate volatility as critical opportunities and … Continue reading

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Serranía de los Paraguas: Diversidad para la Resiliencia

English Español Serranía de los Paraguas, a recognized Coffee Cultural Landscape and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, sits in a mountainous region of western Colombia. The rich biodiversity of the landscape’s natural reserves has been protected by establishing a network … Continue reading

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AGree on Collaborative Watershed and Landscape Management

Last Friday the 13th World Water Week came to a close, having brought experts together to explore cooperation and partnership in issues related to water. A recent report on watershed management in the United States emphasized this same theme of … Continue reading

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Mainstreaming the Payment of Watershed Environmental Services

By Luis Gamez Hernandez, Public Utilities Company of Heredia, Costa Rica As World Water Week continues to showcase research and experiences related to water, today’s post brings us back to the week’s theme of cooperation and partnerships. Luis Gamez Hernandez discusses … Continue reading

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