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Soil Restoration in Mexico’s Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve/Restauración de Suelos en la Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra Gorda, México

By/Por Esther Díaz Pérez English Español After centuries of farming practices in the rugged mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental, the scars of deforestation are indelibly marked on the area known as Sierra Gorda. In the past, the steep slopes lost … Continue reading

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Climate Change Adaptation and Prawn-Fish-Rice Agroecosystems

By Stuart Bunting, University of Essex and Nesar Ahmed, Bangladesh Agricultural University Prawn-fish-rice agroecosystems consist of farming freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) and selected fish species in rice fields. Wider spacing of rice plants in such integrated systems promotes primary production throughout … Continue reading

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Urbanization Poses Risks to Integrated Landscapes in Kenya

By Isaiah Esipisu, freelance journalist specializing in agriculture and climate change reporting Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa to embrace the Integrated Landscape Approach, though experts attending the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature in Africa Conference say … Continue reading

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Life Isn’t Always Easy in the Islands: A Closer Look at World Environment Day

By Eva Fillion, EcoAgriculture Partners You can tell that World Environment Day is taken seriously when it is celebrated for an entire week. This year’s theme, Raise Your Voice, Not The Sea Level, is focused on the adaptations and resilience … Continue reading

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Managing Water and Agroecosystems in Landscapes

Water is a resource on which we all rely, and yet continues to face increasing scarcity and degradation. Particularly for agriculture, which is one of the primary consumers of water, this problem is of growing concern both in terms of … Continue reading

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One Watershed at a Time: Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin

As we saw on Monday, the measuring, valuing, and mapping of ecosystem services has progressed in recent years, and new tools are emerging that can help decision makers account for the benefits landscapes provide and target areas that are most … Continue reading

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The Namibian Coast: A Land of Fish, Fowl, and Following the Rules

Rod Braby, project coordinator for the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management Project (NACOMA), answers a few questions about how his organization safeguards biodiversity through integrated management. The work of NACOMA will be highlighted today at Supporting Drylands through Integrated Management: The … Continue reading

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Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus: Multi-Sectoral Solutions for Sustainability

World Water Week has honed in on water issues related to cooperation and partnerships all this week. One of the key pieces of cooperation, and one particularly germane to a landscape approach, is across sectors. Today’s post, written by Katherine … Continue reading

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Mainstreaming the Payment of Watershed Environmental Services

By Luis Gamez Hernandez, Public Utilities Company of Heredia, Costa Rica As World Water Week continues to showcase research and experiences related to water, today’s post brings us back to the week’s theme of cooperation and partnerships. Luis Gamez Hernandez discusses … Continue reading

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Cooperating for a More Water Resilient World

Every year at the beginning of September, eyes turn toward Stockholm and issues related to water during World Water Week. This year’s theme, Water Cooperation: Building Partnerships, reflects the need for participatory and cross-sectoral processes to manage such a vital … Continue reading

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