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Meeting Food Needs in a Perfect Storm

By Eva Fillion, EcoAgriculture Partners The world’s population continues to outgrow our capacity to produce and distribute enough nutritious food for all. With this steadily ballooning population, increasing hunger and evidence that industrial agriculture contributes heavily to climate change, achieving food … Continue reading

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Negotiating Sustainable Landscapes Requires Inclusive and Innovative Tools

By Robert Frederick Finlayson, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) Governments and communities are finding it easier to work together to create a sustainable, climate-friendly Southeast Asia thanks to a suite of ‘tools’ that support negotiations over land use. But, do you … Continue reading

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Diving Deeply Into Integrated Landscape Management: The Case of Araucarias del Alto Malleco Model Forest in Chile

By/Por Abigail Hart English Español What does it actually mean to be a platform that supports integrated landscape management? After working day in and day out with landscape leaders striving to implement landscape approaches while conducting the Continental Review of … Continue reading

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What Will It Take to Get Businesses Involved in African Landscape Initiatives?

By Abby Waldorf, CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems In 2009, businesses and farmers operating in Naivasha received a rude wake up call. Lake Naivasha almost dried up. In a basin that supports over 60% of Kenya’s flower industry, … Continue reading

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Managing Landscapes in Africa: From ‘Evil Forests’ to a Half-Urban, Half-Rural People

By Daisy Ouya, World Agroforestry Centre Policy makers in Africa must think globally, regionally and locally for sustainable landscape management. Africa—a diverse, resource-rich yet food-insecure continent—urgently needs an integrated landscapes approach to policy-making in order to meet food security and … Continue reading

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Experts Discuss Strategies for Financing Integrated Landscape Investments in Africa

By Isaiah Esipisu, freelance journalist specializing in agriculture and climate change reporting Delegates at the ongoing Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Conference in Nairobi are creating action plans to enable mobilization of resources for integrated landscape management (ILM) in … Continue reading

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Traveling to Integrated Landscapes in Kenya

By Louis Wertz, EcoAgriculture Partners A total traffic jam, par for the course at rush hour in Nairobi, has finally slowed the momentum of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature in Africa conference field trip. I write this while … Continue reading

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Participatory Policy Making for Integrated Landscape Management in Kenya

By Krista Heiner, EcoAgriculture Partners Sensing the participants were getting a little restless after several hours of discussing policy challenges for the integrated management of water resources in the Lake Naivasha Landscape, Joan Kimayu, a lead facilitator with the Strengthening … Continue reading

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Dancing Our Way to Effective Integrated Landscape Management

A collaborative endeavor by nature, integrated landscape management depends upon striking a balance between multiple stakeholders and their various strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve the goal of effectively managing a multipurpose landscape.  Abby Hart and Camilla Zanzanaini investigate … Continue reading

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They’re Not All Win-Win Situations

By Margie Miller, EcoAgriculture Partners The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature initiative spends a lot of time trying to show the private sector that it is in their own self-interest to practice, support and finance integrated landscape management. If … Continue reading

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