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How Can We Meet Global Food Needs while Lowering Emissions?

By Jes Walton, EcoAgriculture Partners When you hear “low emissions agriculture,” what comes to mind? Before attending a discussion at the World Bank on Meeting Global Food Needs with Lower Emissions, I envisioned an emphasis on food miles and chemical fertilizer … Continue reading

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The Role of Livestock Breed Diversity in Sustainable Diets

By Irene Hoffmann, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations When we were invited to contribute to the book “Diversifying Food and Diets: Using Agricultural Biodiversity to Improve Nutrition and Health”, my colleague Roswitha Baumung and I were faced … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Certification: Towards a Sustainable Livestock Sector in Brazil

By Peter Newton, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan Last week’s guest authors honed in on issues of partnership, support, and reducing risk within supply chains. Major commodities such as soy and palm oil formed the basis of … Continue reading

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Climate Infographic Break: Trees and Cows

In this infographic from Food Tank, the close relationship between livestock production and climate change is clearly illustrated. As the graphic notes, between 5 and 15% of New Zealand’s total emissions come from animal waste in livestock production! Deforestation for … Continue reading

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Livestock for Climate: More than mitigation from improved animal agriculture

A long-standing contention in climate change negotiations, and more broadly in discussions of solutions, is often the explicit separation of mitigation and adaptation. Contributing nearly 15% of human-induced emissions, the livestock sector draws particular attention from the mitigation side. While … Continue reading

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A New Frame for Agricultural Intensification

Three strong perspectives characterized the Roundtable on the Landscapes Blog, and challenged readers to rethink the frame in which sustainable intensification is set. Professor Joern Fischer dispels notions of optimizing for one output, arguing that many traditional systems are efficient as … Continue reading

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Sows and Soil: Building a Sustainable and Profitable Farm

By Harry Stoddart, Stoddart Family Farm, Ontario, Canada The System of Rice Intensification drew last week to a close, but we continue discussing the challenges and means by which to increase productivity of land while balancing ecological and social needs. … Continue reading

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Enhancing Resilience in the Cattle Corridor of Uganda

As the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) meets this week, the Landscapes Blog continues to turn its attention to integrated landscape management and activities. Resilience is a particularly critical topic in the drylands, where more variable climate and the … Continue reading

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Food and Urban (Socio-Natural) Metabolism

By Laura Shillington, Affiliated Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University, Quebec, Canada Dr. Shillington focuses her work on sustainable urban spaces, and the human-environment-policy relationships at multiple scales. Following on Wednesday’s post introducing how food is … Continue reading

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Motivating Management for Ecosystem Services

The Landscapes Blog has been focusing attention on biodiversity this month and in the lead-up to the Convention on Biological Diversity in October. Dr. Tobias Plieninger, Head of the Ecosystem Services Research Group at the Berlin-Brandenberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in … Continue reading

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