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The Pablo Standard: Encouraging Place-based Agroecology in El Salvador

By Abigail Hart, Project Manager, EcoAgriculture Partners (Translation by Jilka Paz, EcoAgriculture Partners) English Español Just northeast of San Salvador, the Cinquera municipality covers the hillside alongside El Salvador’s largest body of fresh water, the Cerrón Grande reservoir (known locally … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Certification: Towards a Sustainable Livestock Sector in Brazil

By Peter Newton, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan Last week’s guest authors honed in on issues of partnership, support, and reducing risk within supply chains. Major commodities such as soy and palm oil formed the basis of … Continue reading

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Serranía de los Paraguas: Diversidad para la Resiliencia

English Español Serranía de los Paraguas, a recognized Coffee Cultural Landscape and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, sits in a mountainous region of western Colombia. The rich biodiversity of the landscape’s natural reserves has been protected by establishing a network … Continue reading

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Studying Success: Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Latin America

English Español Over the past couple of weeks, acknowledging and embracing multiple objectives related to food, environment, and social wellbeing has surfaced as a common theme from our Roundtable authors in discussing the intensification of agricultural systems, and particularly as an … Continue reading

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Indigenous Peoples Rights and Land Grabbing Violations

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is on Friday, August 9th, and this year’s theme is “Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements.” In recognition of this upcoming day, the Landscapes Blog is taking a … Continue reading

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C.A.F.E Ole: Starbucks and Sustainable Sourcing at the Landscape Level

The following is the last case study featured in the Landscapes Initiative’s Reducing Risk: Landscapes Approaches to Sustainable Sourcing report. These case studies are meant to demonstrate how a landscape approach can benefit businesses and supply chains by managing environmental and … Continue reading

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Towards Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes in Suriname

By Dr Agnieszka Latawiec, the International Institute for Sustainability, Brazil On Wednesday we presented a vision from the Solutions from the Land initiative for a 21st century model of agriculture in the United States. Today, Dr. Agnieszka Latawiec of the … Continue reading

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Landscape of the Week: Farmers of the Caribbean

Implementation of Sustainable Farming Practices in Trinidad’s Northern Range Communities In the hillsides of Trinidad’s Northern Range, smallholder subsistence farming systems dominate the landscape. Pushed to this frontier by escalating pressure on low-lying agriculture lands from more urban development and … Continue reading

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Landscape of the Week: Biological Corridors of Mexico

An integrated landscape in the works, the World Bank’s Sustainable Production Systems and Biodiversity Project is trying to meld biodiversity conservation with agricultural production. Its goals are to conserve and protect nationally and globally significant biodiversity in Mexico by mainstreaming … Continue reading

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Big Farms, Small Farms, and Biodiversity

With the IUCN World Conservation Congress complete and the Convention on Biological Diversity still ahead, the Landscapes Blog turns toward focusing on issues of agriculture and biodiversity. A new study in the journal Ecology Letters describes the bird diversity within … Continue reading

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