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Urbanization Poses Risks to Integrated Landscapes in Kenya

By Isaiah Esipisu, freelance journalist specializing in agriculture and climate change reporting Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa to embrace the Integrated Landscape Approach, though experts attending the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature in Africa Conference say … Continue reading

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Agroforestry Intensification: A Long-term Solution to Perennial Food Shortages in Africa

The United Nation’s International Day of Forests and the Tree brings attention to these aspects of our landscapes. Forests and trees fill many roles, ranging from cultural and spiritual importance to sustenance, livelihoods, watershed protection and important carbon sinks in the … Continue reading

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Scattered Trees Buffer Ecosystems and Livelihoods in the Lower Mekong River Basin

The Lower Mekong River Basin, spanning Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Viet Nam, is home to millions of impoverished rural people who depend on healthy ecosystems for food production and livelihoods. The area is rich in biodiversity but is also economically … Continue reading

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The UNEP Emissions Gap Report and Climate-Smart Agriculture: ICRAF COP19 Side Event

There is a definite role for agriculture to play in climate change mitigation, but still far too little information on the scale of its potential contribution. This was the overriding message from yesterday’s COP 19 side event Scaling up Climate … Continue reading

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A Systems Perspective for Urban Agriculture: Food Security, Livelihoods, and Sustainable Environment

Mary Njenga, a researcher in urban agriculture and Nancy Karanja, Professor in Soil Ecology, Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT), University of Nairobi, Kenya. Mary Njenga also works on biomass cooking energy at ICRAF, Nairobi. For the … Continue reading

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Watershed Wars: Avoiding Water Rights Conflict between Smallholders and Agri-Industries

By Delia C. Catacutan, Senior Social Scientist, World Agroforestry Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam Dr. Catacutan currently leads research related to governance and natural resources management processes, including policy and institutional analyses in relation to payments for ecosystem services, in the Southeast … Continue reading

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Project-Level Insights for Landscape Level PES

Landscapes can provide a range of natural benefits, from clean water to carbon sequestration, but often people don’t have the right incentives to manage their lands to maintain these services. Gabrielle Kissinger (Lexeme Consulting) and Henry Neufeldt (World Agroforestry Centre) … Continue reading

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Not for the Carbon: Re-thinking Climate Finance for Farmers

As the Landscapes Blog has highlighted topics related to climate change and agriculture, the issue of funding has surfaced a number of times, including a post at the beginning of the month on Navigating Finance for the Farmer. Landscapes Initiative Co-Organizer, The … Continue reading

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Making Africa’s Dirt into Soil

It’s all about the soil. And a recent Nature news article postures soil fertility as vital to food security and poverty alleviation in Africa. Soil in many parts of Africa is deficient in organic matter, as well as key nutrients … Continue reading

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Trees in a Multifunctional Landscape

“If the focus becomes functional landscapes then forests can also be seen within the context of such landscapes.” – Meine Van Noordwijk, Lead author  The World Agroforestry Centre’s blog recently highlighted a book published at the end of 2011 on trees … Continue reading

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