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Setting Goals at the UN Climate Summit

If you are reading this, chances are that you’re already aware of the detrimental effects of climate change. You’ve read the research, you know the rhetoric: we are deep in a cycle of emitting harmful greenhouse gasses, degrading the land … Continue reading

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Agroecology and Ecoagriculture: Coming to Terms with the Terminology

By Margie Miller, EcoAgriculture Partners With the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food and Nutrition Security just around the corner, a colleague of mine was recently asked by a peer to explain the difference between agroecology and ecoagriculture. “Funny you … Continue reading

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Meeting Food Needs in a Perfect Storm

By Eva Fillion, EcoAgriculture Partners The world’s population continues to outgrow our capacity to produce and distribute enough nutritious food for all. With this steadily ballooning population, increasing hunger and evidence that industrial agriculture contributes heavily to climate change, achieving food … Continue reading

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Nicaraguan Mega-Gardens: Community-Led Conservation for Plant Diversity and Soil Health/Mega-Huertos Nicaragüenses: Conservación para la Diversidad de Cultivos y la Salud de la Tierra, Dirigido por la Comunidad

By/Por Sara Delaney (Episcopal Relief & Development) and/y Audrey White (Council of Protestant Churches in Nicaragua) English Español Over the past few years I’ve often wondered—why do some agricultural training programs inspire farmers to make real changes in their fields, while … Continue reading

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Agri-Culture and Agroecosystems: Producing More, Protecting More

By Jules Pretty, Professor of Environment and Society, University of Essex Interest in agricultural sustainability can be traced to environmental concerns that began to appear in the 1950s and 1960s, particularly with books by Rachel Carson and Barbara Ward. However, … Continue reading

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Bringing “Nutrition” Back to Agriculture and Food Security

By Margaret McEwan/International Potato Center, Danny Hunter/Bioversity International and Gordon Prain/International Potato Center The African Union declared 2014 to be The Year of Agriculture and Food Security. As researcher-practitioners passionate about agriculture-nutrition linkages and the contribution of agricultural biodiversity to nutrition … Continue reading

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Pitching to the Dragons: Where Science Meets Policy and Communications

How can scientists mobilize their knowledge for action? During the Science Communications for Policy Impact side event at the LPFN in Africa Conference in Nairobi, researchers came face-to-face with policy makers to learn how to make their voices heard. In the “Dragon’s Den,” they pitched their … Continue reading

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Climate Change Adaptation and Prawn-Fish-Rice Agroecosystems

By Stuart Bunting, University of Essex and Nesar Ahmed, Bangladesh Agricultural University Prawn-fish-rice agroecosystems consist of farming freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) and selected fish species in rice fields. Wider spacing of rice plants in such integrated systems promotes primary production throughout … Continue reading

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National Policy for Climate-Smart Agriculture: Lessons from Brazil, Ethiopia & New Zealand

Agriculture, especially large-scale industrial agriculture, is often criticized for its major environmental impacts and general disregard for ecological health. That’s where climate-smart agriculture, or CSA, comes in. CSA seeks to increase production and livelihoods while decreasing environmental impacts and building … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Landscape Management for Business in Africa

By Lee Gross, EcoAgriculture Partners With approximately 60% of the world’s remaining arable land, Africa is poised to achieve significant economic growth through agricultural development and other rural land uses.  It has been estimated that between 2008-2020, consumer products, natural … Continue reading

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