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Realizing the Promise of Climate-Smart Landscapes: Plenary Powerpoint

Landscapes are real things in the real world, not theoretical concepts. Integrated landscape management is already happening in thousands of landscapes around the world, and it is having big impacts. We have a lot to learn and do to scale … Continue reading

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The UNEP Emissions Gap Report and Climate-Smart Agriculture: ICRAF COP19 Side Event

There is a definite role for agriculture to play in climate change mitigation, but still far too little information on the scale of its potential contribution. This was the overriding message from yesterday’s COP 19 side event Scaling up Climate … Continue reading

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Healthy Soils for Healthy Landscapes

What goes on below the ground in a landscape is just as significant as the vegetation and crops above. Particularly in relation to climate change, the state of a landscape’s soil can not only affect how much carbon is stored … Continue reading

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The Next Century for Agriculture: Advancing New Land Management Strategies

By EcoAgriculture Partners and Solutions from the Land What will be the defining features of agriculture over the next century? This year, the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue honed in on biotechnology, sustainability, and climate volatility as critical opportunities and … Continue reading

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Goals for Sustainable Development: Landscapes on the Post-2015 Agenda

This week marks the 33rd year of World Food Day observations, which also celebrates the 68th anniversary of the UN Food and Agriculture’s (FAO) founding. Over this time, both have served to build awareness around hunger and malnutrition, and tried to … Continue reading

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Cooperating for a More Water Resilient World

Every year at the beginning of September, eyes turn toward Stockholm and issues related to water during World Water Week. This year’s theme, Water Cooperation: Building Partnerships, reflects the need for participatory and cross-sectoral processes to manage such a vital … Continue reading

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A Bundle of Ecosystem Services: Principles for Resilience in Agricultural Landscapes

By Megan Meacham, Stockholm Resilience Center and Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Stockholm Yesterday, researchers at the Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference in Bali presented on ecosystem services provision to enhance resilience in agricultural landscapes. Interestingly enough, the means by which … Continue reading

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Ecosystem-Based Approaches for Resilience

Whether for banana management in Uganda or a mixed crop and livestock system in Malawi, the provision of ecosystem services is increasingly promoted as an integral part of adaptation to change and resilience within landscapes. The blog concluded last week … Continue reading

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Food, Forests, and Landscapes: Integrating Agendas

Getting the forestry, agriculture, and food security people all in the same room and agreeing upon common goals and strategies is not a task to be taken lightly. Perceived trade-offs between each group’s various interests often deter working together, and … Continue reading

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Money Does Grow on Trees: Why Sustainability is Good for Business

In an increasingly globalized environment, the impact that worldwide trends have on businesses has never been greater. Over the past decade, rising prices for land and energy  have cut into businesses’ bottom-line, making current business procedures unsustainable for the long term. … Continue reading

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