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Landscape Capacity Building in Africa: How to Ensure Ownership, Equality and Change

By Cora van Oosten, Wageningen University and Louise Buck, EcoAgriculture Partners and Cornell University Working from a landscape perspective means to be able to “see the bigger picture.” Besides having technical know-how, one needs to understand spatial processes, work in … Continue reading

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Landscape Governance in Africa: Navigating Power Imbalances to Foster Cooperation

This July, the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative is hosting a conference to bring together leading minds from African government, research, civil society and the private sector in Nairobi. The goal? To generate an ambitious agenda to enhance … Continue reading

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Rewards and Challenges of Conservation in Kenya: A Conversation with KENVO

KENVO (Kijabe Environment Volunteers), a Kenyan organization created in 1994, is comprised of residents in communities bordering the Kereita Forest. This area is vital to the livelihoods of local populations but has suffered from over-cultivation and deforestation. To conserve the rich biodiversity … Continue reading

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Dancing Our Way to Effective Integrated Landscape Management

A collaborative endeavor by nature, integrated landscape management depends upon striking a balance between multiple stakeholders and their various strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve the goal of effectively managing a multipurpose landscape.  Abby Hart and Camilla Zanzanaini investigate … Continue reading

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Conservation Incentive Program Shows Payoffs in Brazil

A new study on a program called Bolsa Floresta (which translates to “forest allowance”) pays families and small farmers to participate in conservation programming, and its positive results point to opportunities to expand similar financing programs. This post was originally … Continue reading

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Focus on Land in Africa

‘Local’ plays a critical role in long-term sustainable management of land and resources. On Wednesday, we explored the devolution of smallholder carbon project ownership to local institutions. Issues of land tenure and secure land rights also hold serious implications for … Continue reading

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Fairer by Far: Multi-functional Mosaics for Public Goods

By Duncan Macqueen, Principal Researcher, Forest Team, International Institute for Environment and Development, Edinburgh, UK Wrapping up another week looking at what resilience means in the context of a landscape, today’s guest author shares some insight on the management of … Continue reading

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Retrospective on Forest Strategy

Earlier this week we highlighted the many functions  trees and forests serve within agricultural landscapes, contributing both to the well-being of people and the health of the ecosystems. Of course, the how of protecting and integrating trees and wooded habitats in landscapes … Continue reading

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Landscape of the Week: Farmers of the Caribbean

Implementation of Sustainable Farming Practices in Trinidad’s Northern Range Communities In the hillsides of Trinidad’s Northern Range, smallholder subsistence farming systems dominate the landscape. Pushed to this frontier by escalating pressure on low-lying agriculture lands from more urban development and … Continue reading

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An African Account of Ecosystem Service Provision

A recent article in the journal Ecosystem Services examines the range of ecosystem services in Africa, the threats to them, and policies to preserve them. It touches on an issue related to Monday’s Landscapes Blog post on sparing land for … Continue reading

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