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Integrated Waterscape Management in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

Southeast Asia probably isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to coffee production, but trade liberalization has made Vietnam the world’s second largest exporter of our favorite morning pick-me-up. Along with pepper and (increasingly) cocoa, this commodity is … Continue reading

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Moving Away From Win-Wins and Towards Sustainable Solutions in Palm Oil

Kedar Mankad, EcoAgriculture Partners It seems that a week doesn’t pass these days without a new editorial on palm oil. Sometimes they highlight the bad, other times they highlight the good. When speaking of solutions, the dialogue on both sides inexorably … Continue reading

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Why Commitments Are Not Enough – The Case of Sustainable Cocoa

By Kedar Mankad, EcoAgriculture Partners The 25th World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting, and the 6th Indonesian International Cocoa Conference wrap up today in Bali, Indonesia. These meetings marked an important moment for the cocoa industry. Unlike other major commodity sectors, … Continue reading

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Sustainability Certification: A Tool for Taking Climate Smart from Farm to Landscape

By Martin Noponen & Jeffrey Hayward, Climate Program, Rainforest Alliance Our guest authors today highlight work that marries climate change and sustainable supply chains. Rainforest Alliance and the Sustainable Agriculture Network standard, along with its climate module, are operating at the farm … Continue reading

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Testing the Waters: Experimentation and Innovation in Markets for Integrated Landscapes

A paradigm of agricultural landscape management, in which stakeholders work towards common objectives and the environmental and economic bottom lines are not at odds with one another, doesn’t seem too far out of the question. Yet, as our contributors over … Continue reading

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Designing Standards for Impacts at Scale

By Bambi Semroc, Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB), Conservation International Several posts in this Landscapes Roundtable have said sustainability standards may play an important role in shifting the way in which agricultural landscapes are managed. While great strides have … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Certification: Towards a Sustainable Livestock Sector in Brazil

By Peter Newton, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan Last week’s guest authors honed in on issues of partnership, support, and reducing risk within supply chains. Major commodities such as soy and palm oil formed the basis of … Continue reading

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Producer Support Structures for Sustainable Landscapes: Solidaridad’s Perspective

By Katie Minderhoud and Andreanne Grimard, Solidaridad Network To open our fourth installment of the Landscapes Roundtable, representatives from the Solidaridad Network discuss the role of sustainable agricultural production as an entry point to an integrated landscape approach. Coming from … Continue reading

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Landscape of the Week: Climate Change and Kericho-Mau

Striving for Climate-Smart in the Heart of Kenya’s Tea Landscape In the cool, fertile highlands of the Rift Valley Province in western Kenya, the landscape is dominated by tea. Kenya is the world’s third largest producer and the leading exporter … Continue reading

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Beyond the Farm: What’s Next for Certification?

As the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil convenes its tenth meeting this week in Singapore, this is a key time to consider questions about sustainability certifications and standards. Andre Brosser, founder of Beagle Sustainable Solutions, provides some thoughts on the … Continue reading

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