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Costa Rica Puts a Price Tag on Nature: Will it Work?

The payments for ecosystem services (PES) strategy is a fairly controversial one: though it does provide strong incentive for sustainable practices, it also means monetizing natural features and linking the environment to an often unstable economy. Alvaro Umaña, Costa Rica’s first … Continue reading

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Close to Home: Exploring Three of Virginia’s Working Landscapes

By Jes Walton, EcoAgriculture Partners This blog often focuses on the geographies and management techniques of faraway (from our headquarters in Washington, DC) lands like the Eastern High Atlas of Morocco or Northern Tanzania’s culturally and ecologically unique Maasai Steppe … Continue reading

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Eco-labels by Locale: Testing “Landscape Labels” to Support Integrated Approaches to Development

By Abigail Hart, Project Manager, EcoAgriculture Partners Can markets help to support integrated landscape management? How can producers and entrepreneurs benefit from stewarding their landscape and its natural resources? These questions motivated EcoAgriculture Partners and local partner organizations to test … Continue reading

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What Will It Take to Get Businesses Involved in African Landscape Initiatives?

By Abby Waldorf, CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems In 2009, businesses and farmers operating in Naivasha received a rude wake up call. Lake Naivasha almost dried up. In a basin that supports over 60% of Kenya’s flower industry, … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Landscape Management for Business in Africa

By Lee Gross, EcoAgriculture Partners With approximately 60% of the world’s remaining arable land, Africa is poised to achieve significant economic growth through agricultural development and other rural land uses.  It has been estimated that between 2008-2020, consumer products, natural … Continue reading

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Promoting Synergies Between Biodiversity and Livelihoods in Coffee Landscapes

By Getachew Tadesse, Environmental Studies Department, University of California, Santa Cruz   Agriculture was probably 8,000 years old by the time Arabica coffee was first domesticated in the montane forests of Ethiopia around 800 AD. Throughout its history, agriculture has … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Majority? – Peruvian Smallholders at the Farm-Forest Interface

By Mary Menton and Peter Cronkleton, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Read the post in Spanish on CIFOR’s blog here. Para Español, lea aquí: ¿La Mayoría Olvidada? Los Pequeños Agricultores Peruanos en la Interfaz Agricultura–Bosque. In recent decades, Peru has … Continue reading

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Moving Away From Win-Wins and Towards Sustainable Solutions in Palm Oil

Kedar Mankad, EcoAgriculture Partners It seems that a week doesn’t pass these days without a new editorial on palm oil. Sometimes they highlight the bad, other times they highlight the good. When speaking of solutions, the dialogue on both sides inexorably … Continue reading

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Why Commitments Are Not Enough – The Case of Sustainable Cocoa

By Kedar Mankad, EcoAgriculture Partners The 25th World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting, and the 6th Indonesian International Cocoa Conference wrap up today in Bali, Indonesia. These meetings marked an important moment for the cocoa industry. Unlike other major commodity sectors, … Continue reading

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They’re Not All Win-Win Situations

By Margie Miller, EcoAgriculture Partners The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature initiative spends a lot of time trying to show the private sector that it is in their own self-interest to practice, support and finance integrated landscape management. If … Continue reading

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