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Oxfam Highlights Critical Lessons Learned in IPCC Report

The latest report from the International Panel on Climate Change – the leading body for the assessment of global climate change – has gained a lot of attention for its strong language and concern about the future of food security … Continue reading

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Malagasy Smallholders: Coping Mechanisms & Adaptation Strategies

The 38th Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) met from March 25-29, 2014 to complete the Fifth Assessment Report on adaptation, vulnerability and climate change impacts. And, although this extensive report covers a range of topics and … Continue reading

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What Exactly Is Climate-Smart Agriculture?

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) acknowledges the fact that climate change is a crosscutting issue with the need for an integrated approach to food security, environmental quality, human welfare and other development goals. Agriculture is uniquely situated between climate change adaptation and … Continue reading

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The Pablo Standard: Encouraging Place-based Agroecology in El Salvador

By Abigail Hart, Project Manager, EcoAgriculture Partners (Translation by Jilka Paz, EcoAgriculture Partners) English Español Just northeast of San Salvador, the Cinquera municipality covers the hillside alongside El Salvador’s largest body of fresh water, the Cerrón Grande reservoir (known locally … Continue reading

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The Landscapes Blog’s Big Issues 2013

Happy New Year! With 2014 upon us, it’s a good time to review some of the big emerging or debated issues related to integrated landscape approaches the Landscapes Blog covered last year. Climate change was a pervasive theme on the Landscape … Continue reading

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Rice, Rain, and Harvests: How Vision and Collaboration Can Put Climate Adaptation into Action

By Jessica Thorn, Biodiversity Institute in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford As the two-week UNFCCC 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) concluded last week, it’s appropriate to turn our attention to future challenges that climate change will present … Continue reading

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Climate Infographic Break: Trajectories for a Climate-Smart Paradigm

When it comes to climate change planning, we must remember that people live in the places where climate change mitigation happens. And those people have an obvious interest in the resilience of their natural and agricultural systems and their ability … Continue reading

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A COP19 Must: Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation in Climate Finance for Land Use

By Sara J. Scherr, President, EcoAgriculture Partners The UNFCCC 19th Conference of Parties starts today, and so the world gathers to discuss how to avoid further escalation of the climate crisis (mitigation), and how to deal with the problems we … Continue reading

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Ecosystem-Based Approaches for Resilience

Whether for banana management in Uganda or a mixed crop and livestock system in Malawi, the provision of ecosystem services is increasingly promoted as an integral part of adaptation to change and resilience within landscapes. The blog concluded last week … Continue reading

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Landscape of the Week: Restoration for Climate Resilience in the Tigray Region

In the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, severe land degradation, population growth and immigration, and unsustainable agricultural practices and management have undermined food security and rural livelihoods. Increased and recurrent drought and unpredictable and variable rainfall since the 1970s have exacerbated these … Continue reading

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