A Business Model to Feed 9 Billion

One Acre Fund is an organization that “helps East African farmers grow their way out of hunger.” So why a smallholder agricultural development organization on the Landscapes  Blog? There is no discussion of multiple ecosystem services, or  the role of trees and wildlife habitat in a landscape. But the organization’s projects address issues of credit, insurance, seed, and access to markets that are also essential for any integrated approach to sustainable and scalable agricultural development to succeed. And organizations like One Acre, which have built strong relationships with an aggregated group of small-scale farmers, could  play  important roles in developing agricultural production systems that provide these food and livelihood benefits, while also protecting the health of natural ecosystems.

The video is part of a multi-part series run by the Center for Investigative Report on Food for 9 Billion.

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One Response to A Business Model to Feed 9 Billion

  1. For a sustainable Agriculture it is essential to act on adaptation as well as respect to habit and habitat, Without these nothing will be successful rather we can destroy the biodiversity and the ecosystem services. Please ask the developed world to stop the technology trading business. MA Rahman ar_forest@yahoo.com